Cinergy Master-class s Claire Denis

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The aim of this masterclass is to extend the horizons in the context of contemporary French cinema as well as in the context of contemporary film storytelling.

The discussion with Claire Denis will provide an insight look into her filming process and her style of visual storytelling.

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Master class lectures

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29. 9. - 10:00 - FAMU screening room - Beau Travail - film screening


This film focuses on ex-Foreign Legion officer, Galoup, as he recalls his once glorious life, leading troops in the Gulf of Djibouti. His existence there was happy, strict and regimented, but the arrival of a promising young recruit, Sentain, plants the seeds of jealousy in Galoup's mind. He feels compelled to stop him from coming to the attention of the commandant who he admires, but who ignores him. Ultimately, his jealousy leads to the destruction of both Sentain and himself.

What is really remarkable about Denis's film is the way she succeeds in fusing the real and the dreamlike, the naturalistic and the figurative, into one visual conceit. Never for one moment does this shimmering, simmering emotional desert storm of a film relax its grip on your senses. – The Guardian

29. 9. - 13:00 - FAMU screening room - 35 Shots of Rum - film screening


Lionel is a French train engineer. Josephine works in a music store. Gabrielle drives her own taxi. Noe is of uncertain plans. He claims only his much-loved cat is preventing him from moving to Brazil. The four people are in and out of both apartments that we sense they're a virtual family. Small events take place. A guy flirts with Jo at her store. Gabrielle deals with a talkative customer. Lionel and Jo both bring home rice cookers, so Jo puts hers aside so as not to hurt his feelings.

You can live in a movie like this. It doesn't lecture you. These people are getting on with their lives, and Denis observes them with tact. She's not intruding, she's discovering. We sense there's not a conventional plot, and that frees us from our interior movie-going clock. We flow with them. Two are blessed, two are problematic. Will all four be blessed at the end? „35 Shots of Rum“ is a wise movie, and knows that remains to be seen. – Roger Ebert

29. 9. - 16:00 - 18:00 - KINO 35 (French Institute) - Master class with Claire Denis

30. 9. - 10:00 - 18:00 - FAMU U3 class room - Three thematic lectures by Claire Denis. Hosted by Václav Kadrnka

Václav Kadrnka hosts three lectures by Claire Dennis. The first one is focused on screenplay writing and pre-production. In the second one, Claire Dennis explains her approach to shooting and working with actors. And the last one examines Dennis’ approach to post-production, especially her editing methods.

30. 9. - 19:00 - KINO 35 (French Institute) - Bastards - film screening (with tickets)


Supertanker captain Marco Silvestri is called back urgently to Paris. His sister Sandra is desperate - her husband has committed suicide, the family business has gone under, her daughter is spiralling downwards. Sandra holds powerful businessman Edouard Laporte responsible. Marco moves into the building where Laporte has installed his mistress and her son. But he hasn't planned for Sandra's secrets, which muddy the waters...

There are secrets here as sickening as the ones uncovered by JJ Gittes in Roman Polanski’s classic thriller, but Denis’s web of references also takes in David Lynch and William Faulkner, as well as a topical concern, perhaps prompted by the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case, with sex, power and coercion. This may be her bleakest film yet — although for all its tricks and darkness, it’s also her least inaccessible. – The Telegraph

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