Barevný a černobílý fotogram

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307MCBWF Z 2 50S anglicky, česky letní

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Students learn how to closely cooperate on one single project together with many other authors. At the same time, they get acquainted with two specific technologies: processing black-and-white paper in length of several meters and processing of positive color materials.

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B L A C K A N D W H I T E P H O T O G R A M (1st part of the workshop) The idea for this photogram is a quote by Czech photographer Josef Sudek. The words of the sentence will be „written“ on a silver gelatine print of the approximate size 34 x 1000 cm, meaning that one letter will measure about 34 x 34 cm. Each of the students will prepare several letters on their own in advance and during the workshop, all prepared letters will be combined to make the whole sentence. To have the letters prepared ahead means that everyone has a homework to complete before arriving to Beroun. The idea of the design has no limits since the plurality of approaches, creativity and unexpectedness are the most welcome aspects of this work. Nevertheless, one should be careful when selecting the materials: things with opaque and transparent nature might present a good choice, but on the other hand, one should be careful not to choose an object too transparent with a near glass appearance. Combining all letters into one sentence will be a subject to a collective work in a darkened studio in Beroun, illuminated by a safety red light only. Each student will prepare her or his letters on long strip of B/W paper. Upon the whole sentence will be completed, a single exposure will be made, installation of materials will be removed and the strip of paper will be developed in the darkroom.

C O L O R P H O T O G R A M (2nd part of the workshop) The vegetation of the Beroun region serves as an inspiration for the 2nd part of the workshop. A specific image of a real natural motive will be divided into 16 individual parts while the original image remains a secret. That way, this particular picture will be transformed into 16 smaller abstract images. All that students receive to work with is the digital data of just two of these 16 images. Each student will transform these abstract excerpts by the technique of color positive process in the darkroom. The transformation of the shapes and color shades is the main challenge of this workshop. After completing all of these 16 images in the darkroom the results will be presented on the table. The right connection will be rediscovered only then and the original image kept as a secret will start to get visible through the grid of different interpretations and transformations of the source.

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Students will recieve credits for an active participation during the whole project.



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