Intuition as Instrument 2

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307MIAI2 Z 2 4/D anglicky zimní

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The workshop will reflect upon the idea of Intuition as an instrument and the development of the personal photographic approach and narrative. We will push the idea of private life and surroundings as a jumpingboard towards creating art. We will base our methods of uniting simple things and emotions, the close layers of everydaylife, and through awareness and intuitivity to make them independent, individual and universal through an artistic practice.

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The course will be constructed so the students and I work out from these strategies. Through the work we will not try implify a certain genre! It doesn´t nescesarily have to be selfbiographic but I wish to keep the link between artist and artwork tight! What we will, is to train the vision build upon intuition and personal curiosity, to construct an idea based of not seperating life and work but instead let the two feed eachother towards the creation of a personal narrative of the individual students work. I wish to push the individual narrative for each students, to feed the main interest of the individual work will be my job. Projects in progress, new ideas or upcomming projects are all welcome to be included within the class. Through editing, individual and groupmeetings, an analysis will be the base of a process that should strengthen the individual student towards creating.

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Albert Grondahls background is photographic, yet his work is balancing interdisciplinary between documentary using different methods of printing, sculptures and collages as a way to support his narrative, his work takes the viewer inside a pseudo ethnographic journey that challeges the artist role as a cultural observer, participant and point of exchange.

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