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311DOCC ZK 2 24S anglicky zimní

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Students will encounter and come to understand the complex issues of dealing with reality and with its representation, as they occur in the various stages of (documentary) filmmaking.

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This course is focused on exploring documentary cinema within its broad range of artistic and rhetorical methods toward representing reality -- from both a theoretical and empirical standpoint. At its foundation, the course will consider the theoretical approaches of Nichols, Bruzzi and Gauthier within the context of theories of representation (mostly Jost).

Apart from screenings and subsequent reflections, the course will also include 4 small practical exercises with the purpose of examining documentary principles (technical brilliance of the resulting films will not be important, as students will often use with their mobile phones or small cameras).

Each session will consist of an introduction, a screening and a discussion of selected films, organized either historically, or in accordance with considered modes of documentary filmmaking: poetical, expository, observational, interactive, reflexive, performative. Four sessions will also include the screenings and reflections of the students’ practical exercises.

Course Content:

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

Bill Nichols: Introduction to Documentary film (1991)

Stella Bruzzi: New Documentary: A Critical Introduction (2000)

Guy Gauthier: Le Documentaire, un autre cinéma (1999)

Erik Barnow: Documentary - A History of Non-Fiction Film (first: 1974)

Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Two smaller practical exercises, 2-3 pages concept for final project, attendance



Rozvrh na zimní semestr 2019/2020:

místnost 308
Učebna 5 (FAMU)

(Lažanský palác)
(přednášková par. 1)

Datum Den Čas Vyučující Místo Poznámky Č. paralelky
Čt 15:40–18:55 Vít JANEČEK Učebna 5 (FAMU)
Lažanský palác
přednášková par. 1

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