Academy Preparation Program Final Project - Editing

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311EDIT ZK 5 exerc anglicky letní

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The picture that the students choose is conceived as a single shot/take in this exercise. Using other shots (with varying image size, viewing angles etc.), students are required to narrate a short story that either precedes the ?shot image?, takes place within the moment captured in the ?shot image?, or will take place in the future. The goal is for students to realise how each individual shot/take (being the basic building block of the film language) works within the structure of the film, what information it carries, and how the various shots influence each other. Aside from being able to connect the various takes artfully, maintain the time and space continuum and keep the rhythm of the narration (which should also be present in the student films), a good film editor is also able to find things that are not seen within the shot, in effect elevating the edit structure to what is referred to as the invisible art. Since students will try out the roles of both the director and the screenwriter, this exercise will help them to view the filmmaking process from various angles and understand the complexity of the film medium.

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Practical project - exercise.

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Obsah kurzu

Students choose one work of art (a picture or a photograph) that will provide the initial inspiration for the making of a film of 5?7 minutes in duration. Based on a screenplay that they will develop during the workshop, they will direct and edit the film by themselves.

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Final project will be assessed by final screening commission at the end of May.

The grade will be given upon commissional evaluation.



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