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311MCDMP Z 1 3/H anglicky zimní

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At the end of this course you will be able to understand which projects are being prepared at the master program of Cinema and Dital Media and be able to decide on which projects to collaborate either as director of photography, editor or sound designer.

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The seminar will be held in English. No special skills expected.

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Students from Cinema and Digital Media Program 1st and 2nd (FAMU International) will present their projects for Fall 2017.

Since 2008 has FAMU opened Cinema and Digital Media master's program for 3 years, with concentrations in screenwriting and directing. This three-year follow-up Master´s program is an intensive hands-on and theoretical preparation from the very beginning. Students work with a HDV, HDSLR and other digital formats while adopting a professional approach to the 16mm and 35mm film formats both on location and in the studio.

As there is rarely a joint study plan for Czech and English speaking students of FAMU, this is an attempt to make them meet at one seminar, where fall assignments will be presented by students of directing from the 1st and 2nd year.

Students of 1st year will present FIRST KISS:

Directing students writes and direct short etude up to 3 minute shot in one location (exterior or interior), which exposes situation among two or three characters, which develops toward a situation, which concludes in a „kiss“. Student learns how to establish and solve relationship between characters.

Students of 2nd year will present DOCUMENTARY:

Creative exercise in documentary filmmaking, students gain documentary filmmaking knowledge and skills. Directing students write and direct short film up to 15 minutes based documentary topic. Students are led in their tutorial workshops to develop topical documentary based on true characters or events. There is no style limit, except of avoiding only poetical creation. No matter which way, but the topicality should be clear part of the film – either the topic exposes intimate, personal or social issues.

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: The light and grip list has to be created according to the script and location possibilities and has to be approved by cinematography mentor of CINKK student. Digital camera (Canon 5D, Sony Alfa etc) and technology are not subject of a change.

The Forum will have ONE PART ONLY:

November 6 - 1st and 2nd year projects will be pitched

Each pitch will take app 20 min.

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Production sheets (White Books) of practical exercises: 1st year FIRST KISS and 2nd year DOCUMENTARY assignment to be seen here:

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