Project Preparation Workshop 3

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311PPW3 Z 1 2T anglicky zimní

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To help prepare the students in their pre-production phase for the shooting of the exercise by avoiding many common problems that can arise.

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One of the essential steps in a films production is the short period before the start of Production where the Director, 1st Assistant Director, Cinematographer and Production Manager plan out the day-to-day and moment-to-moment structure that the whole production will follow during the Production phase. This starts with the collection of the artistic plan of the Director and Cinematographer, and their storyboard and/or shot lists and then planning out the most efficient way to achieve their artistic vision within the limits set by the financial circumstances, which in the current case would be the exercise parameters (days allotted to the production and any other restrictions). A properly prepared schedule and clear communication will allow the crew to focus on their artistic work and not get bogged down with needless problems that could have been avoided with a little foresight. With the purpose of making the students capable film makers who can step into the professional film industry not only with artistic integrity but also with the practical knowledge of film production, the supervision of this final phase of Pre-Production as well and later feedback is an essential part of film education.

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Mandatory participation and clear and consistant communication from the students.



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