Mentor Workshop: Production Team Studies 1

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311TEAM1 zápočet 5 2 hodiny výuky týdně (45 minut), 107 až 132 hodin domácí příprava anglicky, česky zimní

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Luboš VÁLA

Jméno vyučujícího (jména vyučujících)

Luboš VÁLA


Workshop focuses mostly on current practice and workflow in production of student movies.

They will receive information about the film production, workflow and the vocabulary used in film industry on the examples from the work of other students and film professionals.

Výsledky učení

After the course concludes (Spring term) students should be able to create a simple budget, shooting plan and production reports.

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Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

The active participation and mutual help between the students is expected. They should discuss and share their own experience with their colleagues.

Students are evaluated continuously during the semester by mentor.


Peter Badač

He has a degree from The Faculty of Film and Television of the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague, specialization Film and TV Production. In 2010 he spent on a student exchange in HFF „Konrad Wolf“ in Potsdam - Babelsberg, Germany.

He has many experiences from the various types of companies - televisions, advertisement companies, film productions.. He worked for a production company D.N.A. that is very famous for their TV series The City of Shadows or How I Survive. He worked also in TV Markiza and TV Nova in Prague. Now he is running his own production company nutprodukce based in Prague.

Rozvrh na zimní semestr 2022/2023:

místnost 241
Učebna 3 (FAMU)

(Lažanský palác)
(paralelka 1)

Datum Den Čas Vyučující Místo Poznámky Č. paralelky
Út 16:30–18:05 Luboš VÁLA Učebna 3 (FAMU)
Lažanský palác
paralelka 1

Rozvrh na letní semestr 2022/2023:

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