Triangle for Screenwriters

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Student learns how to construct and develop a dramatic situation and create its cinematic image. The making of Triangle encourages developing skills. Under restrictions, with limited options and parameters, students get to learn how to make a short film while paying maximum attention to the entire process. This spans all the way from the initial theme to the screenplay, preparation, shooting and editing to post-production, with a consistent focus on the advantages and the limitations of working with film.

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Screenwriting students write and direct short film up to 8 minutes based on realistic dramatic situation, which should develop at least among three characters. Any stylistic approach possible, however, students are asked to avoid schematic characters like beggars, pickpockets, puppeteers and street artists.

Students present a project during pitching, deliver directors treatment 3 days prior pitching (dir. treatment has to contain essential crew members - DoP and camera crew, production manager, set designer, sound designer). The execution of the project is preceded by successfully accomplished script and approved storyboard. Equipment list has to be approved by cinematography mentor.

Triangle is an exercise – a short film (8 minutes maximum) based on a realistic story, preferably in three acts and with the basic dramatic situation involving three characters. All three characters are material for the plot development - none of them is marginal. Students should avoid clichéd characters (beggars, pickpockets etc.) and formally obvious traits of genre films. The objective is to narrate a dramatic arc in the film language and find an adequate stylistic expression for the narration. Triangle should be based around not more than three locations. The project must be shot in Czech Republic. Shooting in the car is not allowed.

Technical parametres of the exercise are specified in the PRODUCTION LIST.

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The project is evaluated by the committee consisted of faculties and guests during the Spring term projects screening.



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