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373MCPF Z 1 8/S anglicky letní
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The aim of the module is to open questions about contemporary interest in psychedelics and shamanism with special regard to examining these topics in film. Two of the most significant psychedelic films from the Czech and Slovak territory will be presented and discussed in relation to the altered states of consciousness, use of psychedelics, contemporary shamanism and others.

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Screenings and discussion.

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The module presents two contemporary films that deal with the topic of contemporary research of psychedelics: Bufo Alvarius – The Underground Secret and Curanderos. The screening will be followed by discussion with directors.

Bufo Alvarius – The Underground Secret directed by Filip Záruba is a radical testimony of the strongest known natural psychedelic, tryptamine 5-MeO-DMT produced by Bufo Alvarius, a toad of the Sonoran desert. The breathtaking audio-visual adventure is enhanced by immersive animations inspired by the psychoactive effects of this extraordinary substance. Fascinating stories of a group of Czech psychonauts are combined with personal insights of Stanislav Grof, a nestor of transpersonal psychology, and Octavio Rettig, a modern shaman who has facilitated ceremonial contact with Bufo Alvarius for thousands of volunteers from around the world. Originally intended to simply document these experiences, the film evolved into an intense meditation on the nature of consciousness and being.

Curanderos is a film trip through Peru in search of the sacred hallucinogenic brew Ayahuasca. Director Egor Indiani sets off for a journey on which he meets people from a world of various cultural backgrounds. Based on his own experiences with the plant, he creates a mosaic of interviews introducing its positive potential for healing, psychotherapy or self-development, while at the same time pointing out the problematic aspects such as prevalence of charlatans associated with the spread of 'Ayahuasca tourism' in the region, the indigenous philosophy of black vs. white magic and the risks related to irresponsible use of this once sacred medicine. The film is a one man guerrilla-documentary concept, which evolved with the active participation of volunteers and psychonauts from all around the Europe, South America as well as psychedelic society in Czech Republic.

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Attendance (two screenings + discussion) is required. A two-page essay about the topic and/or the screened films must be sent till the end of semester.

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Lea Petříková is a visual artist and a PhD candidate at FAMU working on a research project about altered states of consciousness in film. www.leapetrikova.com.

Filip Záruba is a filmmaker and a musician, one of the pioneers of 3D animation in the Czech Republic. Having graduated from the Film school of Zlín, he collaborated on a variety of commercials, films and video clips as cinematographer, editor, animator and special effects´ creator. He also used to give lessons on 3D graphics and animation at the multimedia department in Zlín under the Brno University of Technology. After encountering Octavio Rettig and the Bufo Alvarius medicine, he decided to take advantage of all his existing experience to make an auteur film about this unique method. He took off with a group of volunteers for Columbia for a journey that changed the life to many of them including himself. The BUFO ALVARIUS – THE UNDERGORUND SECRET documentary is one of the projects of the Asaya companionship run by Filip Záruba with his friends which organizes lectures and workshops focused on transpersonal psychology, shamanism, yoga and mysticism. www.filipzaruba.cz

Egor Indiani is a Slovak writer and filmmaker. His debut novella Raul was published in 2014. When making films, Indiani uses gonzo DIY methods of subjective documentation - a concept of low budget guerrilla documentary which includes active participation while examine the subjects, help of volunteers and open recourses. In 2013 he releases the guerrilla documentary DFF: Lost in Poland. In 2017 he produces another guerrilla film, a one man project Curanderos. During 2015-17 he wrote his second novel Bravo Bravdo published in early 2018. He is currently based in Prague. http://egorindiani.com

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06.04.2018 14:00–17:30 Projekce FAMU
Lažanský palác
Přednáší: Filip Záruba, Egor Indiani, Lea Petříková přednášková par. 1
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