Immersive Spatial Audio with Paul Geluso

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373MISA Z 1 26S anglicky zimní

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Overview of 3D sound practice. Understanding of concepts in creating 360 sound environments for use in game engines, 360 cinema, 5.1 soundscapes. Able to capture and use your own reverb impulse responses. Able to record and edit 360 sound for ambisonic or other formats.

Forma studia

Participation in lecture, field recording, audio editing

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Understanding of basics of stereo field recording and audio editing and post production. DRESS WARMLY WE WILL BE OUTSIDE ON THE WEEKEND!

Obsah kurzu

Learning the basics of immersive 3D audio recording production and post production: including microphony, reverb, spatialization, hardware and software.

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

Immersive Sound: The Art And Science of Binaural and Multi-channel Audio. Focal Press-Routledge. Agnieszka Roginska & Paul Geluso editors.

Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Presence and participation on all 3 days.


Spend three days to learn the theoretical and practical aspects of recording and editing immerisve audio environments and the basics of ambisonics.

Hardware & Software needed to follow along: Laptop w/any Audio DAW software; recommended but not required - an impulse response reverb: WAVES IR or Altiverb or others.


CV: Paul Geluso is currently Director of the Music Technology Program at NYU in New York City. His work focuses on the theoretical, practical, and artistic aspects of sound recording and reproduction. He has been credited as producer, recording engineer, mastering engineer, and/or musician on hundreds of commercially released recordings, including Grammy nominated and Latin Grammy nominated titles and award winning films. His research focusses on new ways to capture, mix, and process immersive audio for playback on multi-channel sound systems, recently co-editing Immersive Sound: The Art And Science of Binaural and Multi-channel Audio. He has taught classes in music production and technology at Bard College and the Peabody Institute, in addition to serving as the chief sound engineer at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts for more than two decades. Working with artists who use sound as a creative medium, his collaborative sound works have been exhibited at the The New Museum, Art In General, Storefront for Art and Architecture, Gale Gates Et Al, Cooper-Hewitt School of Design, London's SPACE gallery, Harvestworks Digital Media Arts, the DUMBO Arts Festival, White Box Art Gallery, New York Electronic Arts Festival, ISSUE project room, and NIME. He has received individual artist grants from the New York State Council on the Arts and Meet the Composer. Professor Geluso received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1988 and a Master of Music in Music Technology from New York University in 2000.

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Rozvrh na zimní semestr 2019/2020:

Datum Den Čas Vyučující Místo Poznámky Č. paralelky
07.12.2019 10:00–17:00 Učebna CAS 436
Lažanský palác
Lektor: Paul Geluso. Priority given to CAS students. paralelka 1
08.12.2019 10:00–16:00
paralelka 1
09.12.2019 10:00–17:00 Učebna CAS 436
Lažanský palác
paralelka 1

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