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understanding of historical LGBQT experimental works made in Canada

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films and lecture

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CAS invites you to a talk by Genne Speers, the Deputy Director of the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, followed by a screening of films of Canadian artists.

Genne's talk will cover queer works in the CFMDC collection. It will take a broad approach to cover the historical while allowing for some exploration of recent queer works. She will focus on recent collaborations with the Queer Media Database and discuss the work of CFMDC's recent Scholar in Residence who is researching queer work in the CFMDC collection between 1965 - 1985, the pre-AIDS period. This talk will cover issues related to research, exhibition and archiving queer artists' film from a Canadian context.

The talk will be given in English without a simultaneous translation.

Genne Speers is the Deputy Director of the CFMDC, one of Canada’s oldest artist run centres founded in 1967. The CFMDC is also one of four member organizations of TMAC. She is an advisory member of the TMAC board as well as being on the boards of the Media Arts Network of Ontario and the Independent Media Arts Alliance. Genne holds a Masters of Cinema and Film Archiving from the University of East Anglia and is a PhD Candidate in Cinema and Media Studies at York University. Her current research concerns aerial images of violence and the interpretation and translation of instrumental aerial images within the context of the archive.

About CFMDC: Established in 1967, CFMDC is a not-for-profit, artist-run centre that has since grown and evolved into a world-renowned distributor of independent media art. We honour our collective history of avant-garde art film, while playing a key-role in determining a more contemporary definition of distribution in the digital milieu. Now in our 51st year, with 4000 titles in our catalogue by over 1000 members, CFMDC is one of the most enduring, respected, forward thinking, and engaged, distribution centres in Canada.

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Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

1-2 page essay on a work or works to be submitted by 20.12.2018 to Eric Rosenzveig


Screening will possibly include:

  1. Leftovers by Janine Fung (1994 / 16mm / 8 min.)

The filmmaker's wild narration about misunderstandings in her traditional Chinese family plays over images of her mother carving a Thanksgiving turkey.

  1. Interviews with My Next Girlfriend by Cassandra Nicolaou (2001 / 35mm / 13 min.)

The fight to win the title of next girlfriend is the subject of this hilarious short, in which nine women are questioned by an unknown interviewer to see if they measure up.

  1. Listen by Susan Justin (2004 / video / 3 min.)

A daughter's „coming out“ to her mother falls on deaf ears. Sometimes people just don't want to listen.

  1. My Powder Blue World by Adam Brown (2004 / 16mm + video / 5 min.)

A man recalls his childhood fantasy of attending school dressed like a girl. His story is a whimsical challenge to the institutions that try to regulate the expression of gender and self. Written and performed by David Bateman.

  1. Thick Lips Thin Lips by Paul Lee (1994 / 16mm / 6 min.)

A musical experimental film about racist and homophobic violence.

  1. Christian Porn by Roy Mitchell (2000 / Super 8 / 6 min.)

When the Saskatchewan Opposition party whipped Regina into a frenzy over the spending of tax dollars on screening gay porn, all hell broke lose. To overcome the uproar and win the hearts of the Christians, in steps BROTHER LOVE.

  1. Since Then by Robert Kennedy (2001 / 16mm / 3 min.)

After the love has gone, the mundane routines of everyday become the hope for a brighter tomorrow.

  1. My Life in 5 Minutes by Allyson Mitchell (2000 / video / 7 min.)

This autobiopic tells a life story with a bittersweet song, animation and family snaps.

  1. Between You and Me by Ken Anderlini * (1994 / 16mm / 10 min.)

An examination of the internalization of homophobia and the fatalism present in mainstream representations of the AIDS pandemic.

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Rozvrh na zimní semestr 2018/2019:

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01.11.2018 19:00–22:00 Eric ROSENZVEIG Projekce FAMU
Lažanský palác
Lektorka: Genne Speers, Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre Deputy Director přednášková par. 1

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