NARRA - Struktury Otevřené narace v teorii a praxi 2

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To understand how to create moving image works based on contemporary technologies and image watching habits; to understand concepts required to make database/interactive cinema ? metadata, visual and textual representation of media, navigation strategies, etc. to try and see how it might be possible to share authorship when making collaborative works whose meaning derives from multiple points of view.

Forma studia

The class is a participatory laboratory led by editing teacher Tomas Doruska and artist Eric Rosenzveig. Lectures combine theory, discussion and practice through the creation of content and interface. Regular classes will also include occasional half day collaborative workshops. Final project will be a collaborative class online media work.

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Familiarity with creating and editing video

Obsah kurzu

What do soap opera and a youtube search have in common? An open narrative structure. We will study, explore and build media works using various concepts from the ongoing history of non-linear & interactive film and video: from kino-automat presented in the Czech Pavilion of Expo '67 to our new NARRA software ( recently developed at FAMU. Students will create their own media, as well as using existing content to build navigable media structures - making a future cinema, one that is actually here today ? and no longer fits on the screen of the movie theater in your neighbourhood.

Classes focus on creating short linked works using existing tools such as YouTube, Korsakow and others as well as NARRA to understand key concepts: non-linear model of the network in current critical theory: rhizomatic versus hierarchical structures; database basics; Metadata: textual and visual representation of media objects for authoring; data visualization, etc.

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Class participation in class projects


History of interactive works at

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