Theory and Practice of Sound for Moving Images

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373TPS Z 2 28SS anglicky letní

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Students will gain theoretical understanding of the relations between sound and image.

Understanding the aspects of the soundtrack including foley, ambiance, music and dialogue and their interrelation.

Experience inside a digital audio workstation including setup of sessions, editing, mixing and mastering.

Understanding and ability to use relevant and necessary plug-ins while creating the soundtrack - EQ, compression, reverberation and others.

Forma studia

Practical seminar in sound studio

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Basic understanding of sound editing & mixing.

Obsah kurzu

This course starts as an ‘Introduction to Theory’ of sound in cinema and video-art, approaching also theoretical aspects of production and editing. In the second half of the course students are expected to bring their own visual content to work on its sound. We finish the semester with plug-ins and mixing techniques.


to present a theoretical and practical introduction to students of the soundspace of moving image works including the tools and techniques necessary to craft the sound space.

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

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Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Development of students own soundtracks, attendance


Audio is a plastic medium akin to sculpture. It can be shaped carefully for aesthetic and technical reasons. Imagine this class as a music composition class where your instrument is the studio and you will learn to sculpt sound for moving images. Most of what you learn can also be applicable to making music using the same tools a digital audio work station with good monitor speakers.

We will focus on close listening and attempting to hear what you are listening to, throughout the class.

The class will be divided into two parts

A) theory which will be often taught through examples, and

B) practice. Students are expected to bring in their own projects to work on.

Výuka probíhá 1x za 14 dní v sudém týdnu. První lekce 15.3.2021

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