Acoustic Measurements

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171AKM ZK 4 1T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

To enable a basic bearing in methods in focusing on the characteristics of sound, primarily for use in recording and sound post-production.

Mode of study

Contact instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Basic knowledge of acoustics, electro-acoustics and music signal theory.

Course contents

Introduction to Metrology, error measurements, measuring electrical and non-electrical dimensions

Types of signal measurement, basic measurement equipment, measuring microphone, calibration

Level diagrams of recording and reproduction chains

Microphone and speaker measurements

Measuring and setting recording equipment, measuring bands

Measuring and setting speaker equipment, measuring tables and CDs

Measuring levels and phase signals at the mixing table

Measuring acoustic dimensions

Measuring surface of acoustic pressure and intensity, sound level meters, calibration

Measuring space acoustics, basic measuring methods for reverb periods

Hardware and software tools for frequency analysis

Measuring the acoustic properties of musical instruments.

Recommended or required reading

Syrový, Václav: Hudební akustika, AMU, 2008

Assessment methods and criteria

Activity in the seminar.



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