Scores Reading 9

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171CPA9 Z 2 1T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Creating skills in the regular reading of music notation including more complex scores and their playing at the piano (possibly as a slower tempo, in a purposeful reduction of its individual elements, etc.). Ability to search for and fix errors in music score notation.

Mode of study

Exercises at the piano

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Good bearing in scores necessary for directing recording as the music director. Ability for good decisions regarding places, notated as incorrect or unclear.

Course contents

Summary knowledge of instrumentation:

Conventions in noting parts of individual instruments and their groups, such as key, transposition, etc. Continuously changing situations in individual orchestra, chamber music, vocal component, etc in a score.

Simple Chamber ensemble playing: leading voice with piano or other instrument, a chamber ensemble of 3, 4 up to 9 instruments. A string orchestra. Wind orchestra. Symphony orchestra. Casting for cantata, oratorio or opera. In playing the piano, the selection or at least indication of the course of individual performance components. Reading and playing compositions n various configurations in a progressing order from vocal polyphonny to contemporary music.

Recommended or required reading

Petr Eben, J.Burghauser: Hra partitur

O.Jahn: Partiturbeispiele


Assessment methods and criteria

Presentation of acquired practical skills (playing of a compreensive extract of a difficult score).



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