Czech for foreigners as a language of creation 2

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202CPC2 Z 2 2T English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

To present Czech as a tool of communication whether at the everyday level or artistic. Knowledge of Czech helps students from other countries not only understand common situations but also people, enter into Czech metality and culture, undestand contexts and the result being inspiration for creating. We try to open this potential up to students.

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This course is intended primarily for internal Alternative and Puppet Theatre Dept. students. Study of Czech is not necessary. Regular class attendance and on-going completion of assignments is required.

Course contents

The aim of the course is to present foreign students the Czech language as the language of communication and creation. Classes will work on principles of presentation and orginal readings. Language is not only understood as a means of understanding in everyday situations but also as device for understanding culture, metality of a society and tool for artistic expression.

Recommended or required reading

Bořilová P., Holá L.: Čeština expres 1 (A1/1) anglicky, Akropolis, ISBN: 978-80-87481-22-6

Assessment methods and criteria

Attendance, completion of assignments, final text.

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