Theory of Stage Design 2

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203ATS2 ZK 4 2T English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Set-design Theory introduces students not only to the history of the trade but, mainly, its theory foundations which enables the students to apply set-design principles in the instruction of design elements in the trade and in application in practice.

  1. Concepts (set-design terminology): Students are introduced to basic concepts and their particulars in performance trades, its purpose and importance in society-wide practice.
  2. Students are through lectures and subsequent classes presented with viewpoints applied in set-design practice and also with knowledge rising from the development of the trade from its beginning interpretation through developmental changes to today's current interpretation.
  3. Students are introduced, as well, to general graphic arts theory.

Mode of study

Lectures. Text analyses. Set design and visual arts theory. Course paper on a given theory topic.

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

Theory essays about the 19th century - scenic design types.

Recommended or required reading

Hilar Karel Hugo: O divadle, Divadelní ústav 2002

Frejka Jiří: Divadlo je vesmír, Divadelní ústav 2004

Aronson Arnold: Pohled do propasti, Divadelní ústav 2007

Assessment methods and criteria

75% attendance. Development of the course paper.

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