History of Stage Design 2

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203DSC2 ZK 5 5T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Formulation of theory studies with topics of the year's paper. Analysis of contemporary productions from a set-design perspective.

Mode of study

Classes on selected master's project topics. Comparison of prepare productions in a historical context. Reasoning for the used of a set-design method and its application. Investigating parallels and sources of inspiration.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

DSC1 lectures and classes.

Course contents

Demonstration of a knowledge of principles in working with source material, using awareness of the development of set design, application of knowledge trade writings dealing with the genesis of a drama.

Recommended or required reading

Craig Edward Gordon: O divadelním umění, Divadelní ústav 2007

Vacková Růžena: Výtvarný projev v dramatickém umění, Praha 1948

Zich Otakar: Estetika dramatického umění, Praha 1931

Hilar Karel Hugo: O divadle, Divadelní ústav 2002

Frejka Jiří: Divadlo je vesmír, Divadelní ústav 2004

Jindra Vladimír: Scénografické principy I., II., DAMU 1984

Aronson Arnold: Pohled do propasti, Divadelní ústav 2007

Assessment methods and criteria

75% class attendance, independent creation of the final master's thesis (approx. 20 pages of text).

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