Film and Television Stage Design 6

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203FT6 ZK 15 5T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Introduction to the artist's work on a feature-length film, script analysis and generation of the artistic concept of the film according to the given script. Handling of key scenes according a given text, working on location in a real space, linking to the studio structure. Definition of the meanings of space, color, lighting, interior and exterior furnishing and actors' props.

A comprehensive proposal of the artistic concept according to the script of a feature-length film which contains not only artistic aspects but also the production-technical aspects as well.

Mode of study

Film screenplay assignment, text analysis, consultations on reference bases, consultations on the artistic concept and all proposal phases.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No requirements.

Course contents

Film set design is a trade which deals with the artistic treatment of a film work. The set designer is a significant member of the film creative team.

  1. History of film set design.
  2. Film set design instruments.
  3. Definition of a film shot.
  4. Film set designer work structure.
  5. Teamwork on an audio-visual work.

Recommended or required reading

The Art Direction Handbook For Film, Michael Rizzo, Focal Press 2005, USA

By Design, Vincent LoBrutto, Praeger Publishers 1992, USA

What an Art Director Does, Ward Preston, Silman-James Press 1994, Los Angeles, USA

Assessment methods and criteria

The result of the semester work is the summary project. The extent of the submitted summary work is assigned at the beginning of the semester. Fulfillment of the work volume from the size viewpoint is a fundamental item in assessing the student. If the entire volume is not developed, meaning the artistic and techical parts, the project is graded as very insufficient. The quality of the developed work is an item which influences the grading level. The activity of the student during the semester is a supplementary element to grading. During the semester the student completes several parts whose fulfillment is an inseparable part of the student assessment.

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