Chapters in the History of Dramatic Art Theory 1

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203KTU1 ZK 3 2T English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

  1. Introduce students to the basic aesthetic concept of the drama arts.
  2. Introduction to issues in perceiving the drama arts and their place in society.
  3. Understanding basic production principles and theatre function in historical examples.

Mode of study

Moderated discussions, discussions, readings.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

  1. General knowledge of world theatre culture.
  2. Basic bearing in world drama.
  3. Mastery of basic theatrological terminology.

Course contents

The course focuses on the introduction of theory, history and most important tendencies of contemporary Czech and world drama arts.

  1. Theory definition of basic concepts: Mis-en-scene, tempo-rhythm, drama situation, theatre space, stage space, drama space, etc.
  2. Changes in production principles from the antique to the present.
  3. Set design as an inseparable part of the production intentions.
  4. Terminology and definition of theatre and stage spaces in relation to mis-en-scene.

Recommended or required reading

Artaud, A.; Divadlo a jeho dvojenec; Herrmann, Praha 1994

Barba, A.; Slovník divadelní antropologie; Div. ústav, Lid. noviny; Praha 2000

Brecht, B.; Myšlenky; Čs. spisovatel; Praha 1958

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Brook, P.; Nitky času; Divadelní ústav; Praha 2004

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Efros, A.; Povolání - Režisér; Panorama; Praha 1986

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Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on participation in consultations and demonstrated ability to apply theory knowledge in the semester paper.

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