Stage Design Propaedeutic 2

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203SCP2 Z 1 4T Czech summer

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Juraj DEÁK

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The study is a conscious development (cultivation) of the stage design sense of directors, dramaturgists, stage designers, theoriticians and critics with respect to discovering the (dramatic) potenital of a text through the playing out of a chosen scene-situation (i.e. a produced interpretation) with the participation of individual (basic) components of stage expression and their representatives in mutual dialogue.

Mode of study

Classes, exercises and review.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Creative participation in the production of at least one excerpt from a chosen text, the playing out of which, on stage, amounts to the development of its dramatic possibilities (internal theme).

Course contents

The second semester proceeds from selection of scenes/situation from finished (classical and contemporary) texts to their specific interpretation (i.e. interpretation leading to discovery of their stage/dramatic possibilities with certain actors in a certain directing/stage design environment) to their playing out in time and space. This playing out again involves students' developed stage sense including as a second aspect their dramatic feel. It is this gradually realized connection (the stage and the dramatic) that alllows the conception of the scene/situation not only visually and with respect to „inner feel“, but also in the combination of the senorially based level with the level of potential sense (internal theme). Each student contributes to performing the chosen task from the viewpoint of a chosen specialization leading in the case of directing, stage design and dramaturgy, also with the participation of theorists, to the creating of a staged scene relating to an overall „opinion“ that can be checked by inspection „from the outside“; this view from the outside is supplemented, however, by a view „from within“ enlivened by an appropriate degree of empathy and developed by the participation in creation as actors (which, however, is not mandatory). Any exceeding of narrowly defined limits given by a specialized role, naturally attained during mutual dialogue about the whole, contributes to the further development of feel for teamwork, not only with respect to the relevant specialization, but also for individual creative possibilities and naturally applied authority.

Recommended or required reading

Otakar Zich: Estetika dramatického umění, Praha 1986

Michail Čechov: O herecké technice, Praha 1996

Also see the literature for the Creative Writing course.

Assessment methods and criteria

Creative participation in the production of at least excerpt from a selected text whose stage performance also develops its drama potential (internal topic).

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