Acting 1

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204HTR1 ZK 3 8T Czech winter

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Name of lecturer(s)

Veronika POLDAUF

Learning outcomes of the course unit

  1. To accent acting particulars for the Dept. of Alternative and Puppet Theate, DAMU, that is, from puppet theatre, through alternative-drama theatre to original projects.
  2. To develop all potenial of theatre communication: working with the voice, script, body to the ability to express thorugh artistic metaphors and new technology.
  3. To develop student potential as a independent artist and original person, at the same time, the ability to join in a creative theatre group.

Mode of study

Individual work with the student. Work in the study-year creative group. Block instruction. Workshops. Collaboration with Directing-Dramaturgy and Set-design students. Improvisation and improvisation exercises. Dialog exercises. Working with a script. Physical preparations, Working with the body. Working with material. Working with space. Written review.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

  1. Creativity.
  2. Analysis and review skills.
  3. Mind-body requirements.

Course contents

Acting study includes the following componenty:

  1. A situation as the basic theatre concept.
  2. From situation to dialog /with a partner, space, oneself/.
  3. Dialog exercises.
  4. Improvisation as potential for developing creativity.
  5. Topic, figure, interpretation.

Recommended or required reading

Fundamental writings on acting methods from Diderot through Stanislavsky, Chekhov, Brook to Donnellan.

Other professional theory and history writings as presented in all histories of theatre.

Assessment methods and criteria

Activity and creativity during study.

Completion of the study requirements as a whole.

Independence and clarity in study.

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