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204MSR4 Z 1 KURZ Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

During the two year cycle in the bachelor's study (2nd and 3rd years) students are gradually acquainted with basic tailoring techniques with an emphasis on their individual interest and semester task assigned in the main subject. The student is provided with professional knowledge so that they will be able to manage the production of any type of textile artefact. Beginning with a costume and ending with and object. Emphasis is placed on linking artistic intentions and trade skills.

Mode of study

Instruction with various instructors.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

  1. Interest in working with materials.
  2. Creativity.

Course contents

Costuming is an inherent part of theatre production. The purpose of this course is to provide trade and theory skills and to guide the students to individual creative treatments of their graphics proposals. Currently, and more and more frequently we encounter efforts to go beyond the borders of individual components of a production or into another type of art. Here, also, costuming is not only clothing the actor, creating their stage character but also becomes the objective, puppet, stage, musical instrument, film screen, etc. This alternative approach is supported and reinforced and refined through the trade.

This is a block course which adjusts to the main study schedule.

  1. Textile techniques, technology and materials.
  2. The history of costumes and clothing, place in a context.
  3. Overlaps into other types of art.
  4. Individual artefacts.

Recommended or required reading

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Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

participation in exercises,

creation and presentation of handicrafts.

During the semester participation in exercises and preparations for them (both theory and practice exercises) is required. Overall grading is comprised of 50% for exercise participation and 50% for the handicrafts from the exercises.

Conditions for successful completion of the course: exercise participation, presentation of handicrafts from the exercises.


This is a block study course. If there is interest, the course is opened to students in advanced study-years, or other studies.

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