Stage Technology 1

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204SET1 Z 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Mastering the practical technical aspect to realising a production and related set design projects. Familiarisation with the basic technological procedures for working with the widest range of classical and modern materials and their use in dramatisation.

Mode of study

Introduction to traditional procedures and technology. Linking the idea and practical aspects of a project. Investigating technological treatments. Experimenting with non-traditional material and the development of new technological treatments.

Preparation and subsequent execution of one's proposal in relation to the stage-design project.

Consultation on current stage-design projects.

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Trade dexterity, ability to experiment with materials, creative manner of working with traditional technology.

Course contents

Original work creating the basis for joining a set design task to implementation practice. This enriches the technical awareness of the student and creates a foundation of knowledge which may be continued in further projects. The knowledge of the widest range of technology broadens the range of tools which are the basis for furhter creative treatments.

Recommended or required reading

A. Tománek: Podoby loutky

J. Král: Praktická technologie loutek

Assessment methods and criteria

Project preparations and documentation creation. Implementation. Review.

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