Dance 2

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204TNC2 ZK 1 1T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

1.Learning the basics of Bohemian and Moravian folk dance.

2.Learning to work with dance form and content.

3.Learn to work with a musical subject.

4.Developing aesthetic feeling and perception.

Mode of study

Exercises, screenings.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Movement memory.

Basic musical knowledge.

Feeling for partnership and group work.


Course contents


1.Dance steps in even and odd meters.

2.Ornamental steps and elements in folk dance.

3.Dancing in pairs.

4.Rythmical exercises.

5.Dance styles.


Springing with weight, kinds of walking and running to a beat and dance type, slide step, transition step, stride, galop, folk steps, stamps, taps, hops, low jumps, jumps, partner holds in pair dance, polka, madeira, galop, saltation, Sousedska, Polonez, Mazurka, strong and weak beats; claps and stomps and their combinations.

Recommended or required reading

F. Bonuš: Lidové tance

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on participation in instruction hours (85% attendance) and the final summary choreography.

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