Dramaturgy for Producers 1

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206PST1 Z 3 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Course aim: To acquaint, in detail, students with the tasks of the dramaturgist in various type of theatre operations (repertoire theatre, theatre ensemble without a permanent stage, project, festival, etc.) including basic introduction to working with objects, text and translations and adopting terminology.


In this course students, through theory and practice are acquainted with the dramaturgy principles of reperatory theatre, theatre ensembles without a permanent stage, projects, etc, so they are able in practice to judge and sensibly influence the work of the creative team. To understand dramaturgy not only as a practical service for individual stagings but as a discipline which significantly influences the search and formation of artistic program of a theatre. Some classes will take place with a practicing dramaturgist (ex: Iva Klestilová, Šárka Havlíčková, Dora Viceníková, Petr Kolečko, etc.) through moderated discussions.

Mode of study

Writings analysis, moderated discussion with practicing dramaturgists.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

  1. General knowledge of Czech and world drama literature.
  2. Ability to analyse and review.

Course contents

Theory and practice terminology and categories.

Analysis of the most important drdama forms in a contemporary context.

Drama structure: image and situation, situation and behaviour, behaviour and dialog, behaviour and stage implementation.

Event and composition (interplay of elements), motif structure, narrative and sense.

Dramaturgic-directorial concept.

Group readings and analysis of writings.

Moderated discussions with practicing theatre dramaturgists.

Recommended or required reading

Jan Císař: Základy dramaturgie 1 (Situace), Praha 1999;

Jan Císař: Základy dramaturgie 2 (Postava);

Praktická dramaturgie, Praha 1996;

Milan Lukeš: Umění dramatu, Praha 1987;

J. L. Styan: Prvky dramatu, Praha 1964;

Brook, P.: Prázdný prostor; Panorama; Praha 1988;

Císař, J.: Člověk v situaci; ISV; Praha 2000;

Pavis, Patrice: Divadelní slovník; Praha 2003;

Zdeněk Hořínek : Úvod do praktické dramaturgie, Praha 1980;

Přemysl Rut: Tři naučení z jednoho příběhu: úvod do dramaturgie. In Disk, svazek 10/2004

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

participation in lectures/exercises/classses,

completion of the semester paper,


Requirement for successful completion of the course: class participation (80% attendance), completion and presentation of the course paper and passing of the one of the on-going tests.

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