Aesthetics and General Theory of Arts

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207EOT1 ZK 4 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The student should, from the course, acquire a bearing in basic contemporary theory approaches to art and based on this also independently become acquainted with philosophic discourse about art. critically review and encapture the concepts of their personal experience and formulate their own opinions.

Mode of study

Classes with explications.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Familiarity with the concepts and issues of theatre aesthetics. Knowledge of the history of drama and theater at the bachelor's level. A broader cultural overview. Interest in general aesthetics and philosophy. Professional text analysis skills.

Course contents

In the Course „Aesthetics and General Arts Theory“, students, based on readings of primarily professional writings, are acquainted with selected topics of the philosophical review of art, in the selection of which emphasis will be placed, primarily, on the localization of art and experience with artistic works in the whole of human experience. Attention will be devoted, in particular, to relationships of art with other parts of culture (in a broad sense). Art will be viewed not as a sphere separate from other human activity but primarily as an integral part of life experience (as such and to a particular extent analyzable concept tools whose application significantly reaches only into some areas of the arts).

Recommended or required reading

Studies will be assigned by the instructor from the following:

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Assessment methods and criteria

Class participation (max 20% absence), presentation of at least one professional writing during a semester for the others of the study group.

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