Interpretation Seminar 3

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
207INS4 ZK 3 2T Czech winter

Subject guarantor

Radovan LIPUS

Name of lecturer(s)

Radovan LIPUS

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Teach theory and criticism students the foundations of practical dramaturgy:

  1. reading a dramatic text;
  2. analysis;
  3. interpretation.

Mode of study

Discussion, selected drama text analyses.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No requirements.

Course contents


  1. careful reading of a dramatic text;
  2. reflection on the author's world and style and the period context;
  3. motivic analysis;
  4. structural analysis;
  5. interpretation of the dramatic text;
  6. creation of a dramaturgical/directing conception;
  7. literary adaptation of the text.


The interpretation of the dramatic text arises from careful reading and comprehension of the author's work. A component thereof is knowing the period context, characteristic features of the author and stylistic peculiarities of his/her writing. There follows motivic and structural analysis of the dramatic text leading to imagining of the ideal production that fully respects the author of the written text. Only then on this solid foundation does the process of interpretation begin - accentuating current themes in the text, shifts in the hierarchy of motifs, so that the work resonates as much as possible today. Interpretation climaxes with the creating of a dramaturgical/direction conception and finding appropriate means for its realization. Also arising from this is the literary adapatation of the text - cuts, omission of certain motifs or characters and scenes, linguistic revision of the translation etc. The whole process is finally reflected on and climaxes with consideration of various possible interpretations and their impact on the outcome of the production.

Recommended or required reading

(besides the titles listed for the class Foundations of Theatrical Terminology and those related to concrete tasks):

Roman Ingarden: O poznávání literárního díla, Praha 1967, ev. od téhož autora Umělecké dílo literární, Praha 1989

Jan Císař: Základy dramaturgie 1 (Situace), Praha 1999

Jan Císař: Základy dramaturgie 2 (Postava, odevzdáno do tisku)

Jaroslav Vostrý: Činoherní klub 1965-1972 - Praktická dramaturgie, Praha 1996

Miroslav Procházka: Znaky dramatu a divadla, Praha 1988 /vybrané stati/

Milan Lukeš: Umění dramatu, Praha 1987

J. L. Styan: Prvky dramatu, Praha 1964

J. L. Styan: Černá komedie, Praha 1967

Peter Szondi: Teória modernej drámy, Bratislava 1969

Jiří Levý: Umění překladu, Praha 1963, ev. další vydání

Assessment methods and criteria

For the award of credit at least 80% class attendance is needed, joining in to discussions, completion of partial assignments. The course is concluded with a written paper and discussion about it.

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