Jan Roubal - Theorist of the Postmodernist Theatre 1

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207JRT1 Z 1 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Upon the close of the course students will be able to define the basic theory origins of Jan Roubal related to reviewing Czech alternative theatre in the second half of the 20th century and German theatrology after 1970.

Mode of study

Analysis of selected theory studies and discussion about them.

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

In two topic series, based on the readings of selected studies and subsequent class discussions students will become acqainted with theory studies by Jan Roubal who reviews in his writings a) studio theatre, alternative theatre; b) theory concepts of German and Polish theatrology.

Topic range:

Review of Czech alternative theatre of the second half of the 20th century

German theatrology after 1970 and its Czech reception.

Recommended or required reading

ROUBAL, Jan. Divadlo jako neodhozený žebřík. Brno: Janáčkova akademie múzických umění v Brně, 2015

ROUBAL, Jan. Hledání souřadnic & kontextů divadla. Brno: Janáčkova akademie múzických umění v Brně, 2018

ROUBAL, Jan. Souřadnice a kontexty divadla – antologie současné německé divadelní teorie. Praha: Divadelní ústav, 2005

Assessment methods and criteria

During the semester the student is required to read independently and participate in class discussions which are requirements for sitting the exam. Class members are required to participate, prepare partial papers on an assigned topic and complete a final course paper of 9000-15000 characters from a selected topic series.

Further information

This course is an elective for all AMU students

Schedule for winter semester 2018/2019:

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Schedule for summer semester 2018/2019:

room S412
Učebna S412 (DAMU)

(Karlova 26, Praha 1)
Date Day Time Tutor Location Notes No. of paralel
Mon 15:00–16:30 Martina MUSILOVÁ Učebna S412 (DAMU)
Karlova 26, Praha 1

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