New Genres and Forms in Theater, Dance and Performance 1

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207NZD1 Z 1 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students expand their field knoweldge in the most frequent tendencies in theatre, dance and performance. They will be able to properly understand the terminology, thoroughly analyze in detail in discourse and through mutual comparison.

Mode of study

Instruction is partly through lectures and classes where requires participation in the class and in discussions.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Above all an interest in artistic phenomena in contemporary theatre, dance and performance is presumed as well as a thorough knowledge of theatre arts particularly in the avant garde and neo-avant garde periods (1st and 2nd theatre reforms); as well a good bearing in contemporary political and societal events.

Course contents

We are a hybrid society, living in a transcultural, post-socialist neocapitalist liberal discourse, a post-structuralist paradigm of us. This has made everything a construct, and post-dramatic theater has taken the last illusion of viewers… Yes. The same is true in the sphere of theater. In recent decades, new directions, forms and genres have been developed, anchored and established, some of which are more familiar to the Czech art environment, some of them have been less well known, resp. accessible. This semester course will focus on some of the most important phenomena that intersect with contemporary theater, dance and performative events, their genesis, specification and potential for analysis. This interpretation will be accompanied by rich video documentation (or its own audience reception), which is essential for characterizing these most recent forms of art.

Researched phenomena (exact schedule will be established in the introductory class and based on number of registered students):

  1. Map of contemporary theatre, dance and performance: introductory contextualization of the contemporary status of artistic events.
  2. Re-enactment in contemporary dance and performance.
  3. Lecture Performance, Artistic Talk, Talk & Walk.
  4. Inter-cultural theatre, dance and performance.
  5. Ecological turnover in contemporary dance and performance.
  6. Movement installations: choreographic dialogs with museum genus loci
  7. Phenomenon of dance solo today: forms, topics, artistic tandem dancers and light designers.
  8. Forms of contemporary popular theatre.
  9. Theatre virtuality and cyborgs.
  10. Conceptual dance and performance.
  11. Urban Spaces
  12. Relevant theory concepts.

Recommended or required reading

Literature for parts of topics will be supplemented in the course of the meetings themselves. Research of relevant literature will in part of preparations for completing the independent (oral or written) task.

Assessment methods and criteria

Further information

This course is an elective for all AMU students

Schedule for winter semester 2019/2020:

room K224
Pracovna pedagogů

(Karlova 26, Praha 1)
Date Day Time Tutor Location Notes No. of paralel
Mon 15:00–16:30 Jitka PAVLIŠOVÁ Pracovna pedagogů
Karlova 26, Praha 1

Schedule for summer semester 2019/2020:

The schedule has not yet been prepared

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