Seminar of Criticism 4

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207SKK4 ZK 3 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Practical introduction to critical analysis, critical understanding of a text within a production form, monitoring the text-production relationship and transformations of the text within the staged form.

Mode of study

Moderated discussions, self-review and analysis of one's work and the work of other students, attendance at selected theatre performances.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Student's should have completed Critique Seminar 1-2. No other requirements.

Course contents

The world of contemporary drama and its developmental tendencies. The form of the contemporary theatrical text. Tools of text analysis (Pavis, Eco, Vinaver). Critical approach to a production, critical approach to a text. Relationship between reading and producing a dramatic text.

Recommended or required reading

J. Císař: Text a scénování - Na okraj pěti inscenací Divadla na Zábradlí

U. Eco: Lector in fabula

P. Christov: Michel Vinaver jako divadelní teoretik

P. Pavis: Divadelní slovník

P. Ricoeur: Struktura a hermeneutika

A. Ubersfeld: Lire le theatre

Assessment methods and criteria

On-going short written papers - completion of a written paper (critical analysis of a text) with an emphasis on text changes; for the award of credit at least 80% attendance and participation in class discussions.

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