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207STO2 ZK 8 10T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students in observing the whole production rehearsal process check their theory knowledge acquired during the first two years of study and regarding the function and collaboration of individual elements in the rise of a stage piece. Along with the dramaturgical-directing concept and acting, a glimpse also into the function of arts operations with certain technical and administrative foundations (and definitions).

Mode of study

Monitoring the rehearsal process. Preparing materials, feedback to the writers. Analysis of individual phases. Discussions over the written review of the rehearsal process.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No requirements.

Course contents

This course is conceived as a observation internship (or assistantship) which takes place in the school's DISK theatre in the preparations of a graduation production (Drama Theatre Dept. or Alternative and Puppet Theatre Dept. students) or in some of the Prague theatres with which the school collaborates. Students complete two internships during the academic year. The outcome of which is always a detailed review of the process in the rise of a production with focus on all elements and their interaction.

Recommended or required reading

The study literature is assigned in relation to the staging in whose preparation the student is present. Literature regarding considerations of the artistic process is recommended (ex: The Routledge Companion to the Research in the Arts):

Vostrý J., Činoherní klub 1965-1972: dramaturgie v praxi

Vostrý J., Režie je umění

Císar J., Člověk v situaci

Hyvnar J., O českém dramatickém herectví 20. století

Vostrý J., Vojtěchovský M., Obraz a příběh

Šípek J., Psychologické aspekty scénické tvorby

Miholová K., Král UBU: Jarry & Grossman & Fára

Zich O., Estetika dramatického umění

Assessment methods and criteria

The student regularly (at least 4x/week) participates in the production rehearsals; if possible (according to the type of theatre) participates and completes assigned tasks (ex: in the DISK theatre, possible dramaturgy or instruction collaboration, translation, assistance in prepareing the program, study about the writer or writer profiles). The result is a review of the rehearsal process which demonstrates the ability to perceive key moments in the process of creating a stage work and understanding the mutual effects of individual elements.

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