70th Festival de Cannes 2017 - Festival Strategies Case Study

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300MFDR4 Z 1 5S English, Czech summer

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The lecture is about to be discussed from the point of view of a film author/producer who wants to use the festival for his own purposes, and from the perspective of a festival curator/programmer/organizer who needs to work with the Festival de Cannes as his upmost reference.

How to submit and present a film. What is important and what is not. When to start to work with your film while aiming for a festival selection. How does the festival programmer think - and how to take advantage of it.

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Modul focues on the upcoming edition of IFF Cannes 2017. We aim not just to pre-sent and analyze the selection of the 2017 edition but also to present and discuss the organization, stratification, politics, program, history of the festival and its side sec-tions as well..

Recommended or required reading

70th Festival de Cannes Main Press Release; Quinzaine des Realisateurs 2017 Press Release, Semaine de la critique 2017 Press Release

Assessment methods and criteria

presence plus 1 page “distribution sheet” of a selected film written in English for the purposes of the film’s presentation while submitting for film festivals)



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