Moving Camera

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300MMC Z 4 English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course is about the thought that goes into preparing a moving shot.

Mode of study

classes and shooting.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Before Mr. Gil Battman comes, students should read the text from the lecturer book / available in the office of K. Klaricova/. They will also prepare locations for shooting, in which scenes will take place. They will know in advance themes they will shoot belonging to the American famous films / available in the office of Katerina Klaricova/.

Course contents

Californian director and script writer Gil Bettman will during 9 days lecture and practically work with students on the theme „the thought that goes into preparing a moving shot“ in the Hollywood style.

Six teams will shoot six themes with digital camera. Each team contains one director, one cameraman, two actors. Six themes have to be chosen in advance from the Bettman´s list. Participants can be from any department of FAMU, speaking in English.

Schedule of lecture:

March 16 - 17 - lectures , theoretical preparations and meeting with teams

  1. 5:30 - 9:30 pm Famu room 311

17. 10am - 2pm Famu room 311

17. 7 - 9pm/team 1,2,3/ Famu room 307

March 18 . - meeting with teams and meeting on locations

7 - 10pm Famu room 307/team 1,2,3/

9am - 5pm/team 4,5,6/ Famu rooms 107,236 etc?.

March 19 - meeting on locations

9am - 5pm/team 4,5,6/

March 20 - shooting on locations

9am - 12pm/team1,2,3/

March 21- shooting on locations

9am - 12 pm/team3,4,5/

March 22 - deliver edit

7-10pm/team 1,2,3/ Famu room 307

March 23 - critique team and deliver edit

9am - 2pm/team1,2,3/ Famu room 311

6pm/team4,5,6/Famu room 307

March 24 - critique team

3-6pm/team 4,5,6/Famu room 311

Recommended or required reading


Assessment methods and criteria

critique of shot scenes


Participants can be from any department of FAMU, speaking in English.

Coordinators: Katerina Klaricova/katerina.klaricova? and Jan Staněk /jan.Stanek4?

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