Hand and Machine

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Program, který bude uveden v Ponrepu, představí sedm nejnovějších filmů Richarda Tuohyho a Diany Barrieové spjatých s tématem využití původního mechanismu kinematografie a vztahu mezi rukou a strojem.

Kurz je možností, jak se seznámit se současnými možnostmi experimentování v klasickém filmovém médiu a s díly, která vznikla v posledních letech.

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Attendance at the projection and essay reflecting the seen work of Richard Tuohy and Diana Barrie (2-5 pages) (CZ/EN).

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Cinema was the first inescapably mechanical art. But in this post-mechanical age, the traditional apparatus of cinema has all to rapidly been deemed obsolete and primitive. Yet the handing over of industrial machinery to anti-industrial users represents one of the prime creative opportunities for re-appraising and re-interpreting the nature of ourselves as transformed by the age of machines.

Post mechanical age, the humanness of the machine can be made evident. Post mechanical age, machine craft is the new hand craft. This program presents seven recent film works from Australian diy cine experimentalists Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie exploring the primitive apparatus of cinema and the relation between hand and machine.

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Essays should be delivered within two weeks after the projection on e-mail am.alex@seznam.cz.


Film projection is a part of a curatorial activities of Prague based artist-run film lab Labodoble. More info at: http://labodoble.org/

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