Dramaturgical Screenplay Analysis 2

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301DRAS2 Z 2 26S Czech summer

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The aim is to cultivate the abilities of the student to analyse a script in process and (relatively) complete. To estimate and culitivate their potential, theme, form and style.

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Review and analytical skills, creativity, engagement.

Course contents

This course is also the second part of the instructors open workshop dealing with the analysis of a script (see Script Analysis - 2nd year study at the Department of Scriptwriting and Editing). The aim is to cultivate the ability of the students to analyse an emerging script (relatively) quickly, estimate and cultivate its potential, topic, form and style.

This is done through an analysis of studied writings, frequently several versions, or from subject matter, with the participation of the writer and other interested artists. Current writings have priority. Part of instruction is the analysis of classic writings (F. Vláčil, F. Pavlíček, J. Procházka, etc.). Workshop participants present their own works or the works of their colleagues from other departments.

Recommended or required reading

Screenplays for individual courses and accompanying texts (ex: adapted basis or previous version present a constant reader burden. Screenplay texts are assigned by the instructor and the list is constantly updated.


JAŘAB David: Hlava - ruce - srdce

LIOVÁ Zuzana: Dom

PARKANOVÁ Beata: Dobře, ale ne

Assessment methods and criteria

The credit conditions are at least 75% attendance and above all active participation in discussions, supported and responsible home preparations.


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