Modern Literature 1

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301MCL1 Z 1 2T Czech summer

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Students expand their concept of a literary text as an interplay of meanings. Students learn to approach a literary text only with apparently obvious questions: What am I reading? How is it written? Why is it affecting me as it is? and what can I take away from that? - particularly considering the expectations that each new text can inspire a student's creativity (in screenwriting for example).

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Desire to devote time to reading assigned texts.

Course contents

Based on readings of Czech and World literature from the 20th and 21st Centuries (with excursions to older literature) we demonstrate some characteristic tendencies of modern literature (the legacy of the avant garde, the fantastic and eternal, fiction and documentary, the narrative and non-narrative prose). We get to know characteristic genres, manners of narration, motifs and topics of modern literature. We carefully attend to the relationship between the „certainties of tradition“ and the „unknowns of the freedom of choice of the modern individual.“ We keep track of some basic archetypes, characters and situations in their traditional and modern concepts, including film adaptations. We examine the characteristics of various prose forms (the tale, essay, aphorism, journal, vision, dream...), their narrative and symbolic structures, compositional structure and language resources. We compare these resources with the narrative and image resources of short films. We mark the potential that literary interpretation methods offer us (hermeneutic and structural interpretation) offer us in appropriate texts. Literary critique may assist in answering the question „What does this text say? How does it say it? and What do I do with that?“

In the first semester of the course we cover primarily the latest literature, texts from the 21st century.

Recommended or required reading

Doporučená literatura je studentům zadávána na základě aktuálně probíraného tématu.

Assessment methods and criteria

Not only physical but also intellectual attendance: desire to consider and discuss the literary texts read or heard, or watchin film clips.


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