Short film - collaboration of screenwriter and director

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302MKFSR Z 3 90/D Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim of the course is to prepare a short screenplay (of about 15 min.) and bring it to realization.

The creative focus of the course is to increase collaboration between the Screen writing and Script Editing, and Directing Depts.

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Prerequisites and co-requisites

For both professions, a desire for mutual collaboration is required, which encompasses a perception of the details, characteristics and signature of the creative partner.

Course contents

The aim of instruction is the creation of a screenplay for a short film of about 15-20 min.

Development of working with on screenplays for a filmable coherent form without any kind of genre or style limits with an emphasis on the film narration quality.

A key focus of the module/classes is an expansion of creative collaboration between the scriptwriter and the director. The scriptwriter may be present at the fundamental phase in the generation of the film:

participate in the text interpretation with the director; may be present at casting, preparatory work, location selection, and the actual shooting and editing, and postproduction.

The experience acquired may be valuable feedback for original work.

The director, which takes up the text, should try to comprehend it in its breadth, graspit origin and layers which in the result means that the artist - director recognizes thoroughly the creative intentions of the writer - scriptwriter.

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Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded for a completed screenplay.

The screenplay deadline is 31, January 2018.


Directors will have a shooting requirement in the Summer semester

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