Ex Oriente Film Workshop 2020

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303MEOFW Z 3 12S English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim of the module is to expand student knowledge in education programs, market and co-production fora focused on documentary film.

Mode of study

Documetary Film Dept module instruction

Lecturer: Anna Kaslová, Feras Fayyad, Andrea Hock, Anaïs Clanet, Claire Aguilar, Hanna Polak, Joe Bini, Martichka Bozhilova, Sinisa Juricic (sponsor: Lukáš Kokeš)

Date and time: 19-24. 10. 2020 Prague, online, classes according to the schecule.

Credit: 3 – minimum 80% attendance + submission of review 1-2 standard pages

Capacity: 50

Elective course for: FAMU / AMU

Language of instruction: English

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Course contents

Ex Oriente Film is an international workshop for original documentaries focused on creative development and financing. During the three-week meetings with directors, developing topics, stories, visual style and presentation of one's prepared film, produers intensively work on a financial plan, project production and distribution strategies and acquire knowledge of the international market.

Part of the module is lectures on the economic aspects of film production, directing and editing masterclasses and production case studies.

  1. Ex Oriente Film Workshop: Production and Story Development

The second Ex Oriente Film workshop covers manners of finance, constructing a budget, co-production legal aspects, strategies for selecting television producers and other partners, challenges related to working in the digital era and cross-media and deeper creative development of projects.

Registration by 15. October 2020 with Nora Särak, sarak@dokweb.net +420 777 159 408


19. 10. 2020 18:00 Masterclass - North American Market/ How to Pitch projects: Claire Aguilar (USA)

21. 10. 2020 10:30 Masterclass - Directing: Feras Fayyad (SR/DK)

22. 10. 2020 10:30 Masterclass - Film editingh: Joe Bini (USA) moderated by Anna Johnson Ryndová

22. 10. 2020 17:30 Masterclass - Directing: Hanna Polak (PL)

23. 10. 2020 10:30 Lecture - Sales: Anaïs Clanet (FR)

23. 10. 2020 16:30 Lecture - Production: Sinisa Juricic (HR)

24. 10. 2020 10:00 Lecture - Production: Martichka Bozhilova (BG)

24. 10. 2020 12:30 Lecture - Sales: Andrea Hock (AT)

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Assessment methods and criteria

Minimum 80% attendance and submission of 1-2 standard page review on what interested you in the lectures and something new you learned.



Further information

This course is an elective for all students of this school

Schedule for winter semester 2020/2021:

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19.10.2020 18:00–20:00 Lukáš KOKEŠ
lecture parallel1

Schedule for summer semester 2020/2021:

The schedule has not yet been prepared

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