Masterclass Sheyla Hayman: Technology and the Human

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303MMSHT Z 1 4SS English summer

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expanding knowledge about important personalities of British documentary cinematography

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modular teaching KDT FAMU

Lecturer: Sheila Hayman (coordinator BcA. Petr Salaba,

Date and time: Monday 25/4 2022 at Screening Room FAMU (Lažanský palác) 14:15-18:00

Assignement: 100% participation + seminar activity

Capacity: maximum 40

Optional for: FAMU

Language of teaching: english

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Sheila Hayman is a British-born, BAFTA-winning producer/director of documentary films and digital media. Her interest is in the relationship between people and technology; she made her first film about robots in 1985, and later „The Electronic Frontier“ for the BBC and Nova, which introduced the world in 1993 to the coming digital revolution and its implications - including search engines, rise of social communities, DeepFakes - all that thirteen years before the iPhone. She is currently a Director’s Fellow at the MIT Media Lab. In her work she is looking at embodied human intelligence and the effects of virtualization on our emotional, physical and cultural health.

In parallel with her filmmaking work, Sheila Hayman has created and facilitated Write to Life, the therapeutic creative writing group at Freedom from Torture NGO, helping refugees and survivors of torture to rebuild their lives and identities through writing and performing their work. Write to Life members have written a play, an immersive musical narrative, multimedia performances, and site-specific live performances in collaboration with both Tate Galleries and major London arts venues. As the group pivots towards being survivor-led, their latest production is a series of Zines, hand-made booklets of writing illustrated with collages and physically made by the group together.

The Masterclass will have two parts:

Monday 25/4 2022 at Screening Room FAMU (Lažanský palác)

14:15 - 15:45

Technology, artificial intelligence and embodiment

We will look at parts of the film The Electronic Frontier as a case study of a prescient documentary that asked “What would the world look like if information was money and who would be running it?” already in 1993. We will also discuss the effects of digital technologies on our emotions and bodies.

16:00 - 18:00

Discussion: Organizing creative writing workshops as a trauma therapy

We will discuss basic principles of facilitating survivor-led creative activities with the focus on rebuilding a sense of belonging and re-connection with oneself.

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100% participation + seminar activity



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This course is an elective for all students of this school

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25.04.2022 14:15–18:00 Petr SALABA Projection Room
Lažanský palác
in english parallel1

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