Rob Rombout Masterclass: Sound Before Image

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303MRRM Z 1 7S English winter

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Alice RŮŽIČKOVÁ, Pavla Sobotová

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Alice RŮŽIČKOVÁ, Pavla Sobotová

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The aim of the module is to acquaint students with an independent documentary filmmaker who founded the international master's program DocNomads.

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module KDT FAMU - winter semester 2020-21

Přednášející/Lecturer: Rob Rombout (guarantees Pavla Sobotová)

Termíny a místo konání/Date and time: 29. 10. 2020, online

Podmínky atestace/Assignement: zá/1 – minimum 100 % participation

Kapacita/Capacity: 25

Volitelný pro /Optional for: FAMU

Jazyk výuky/Language of teaching: english

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Rob Rombout Masterclass: SOUND BEFORE IMAGE

Any artist, so also a filmmaker is supposed to “have something to tell” Documentary starts from the scouting and perception of reality, but then come the question: What do I have to report or tell? The director is a reporter, a technician, a professional but on the other hand, he’s the author, the story- teller, the one who signs the work. The focus of this masterclass is the intention, the writing, the signature, and the voice of the director. At the start of the Masterclass I will introduce myself & my work, with short excerpts. The focus will go to sound and voice.

Robert Rombout (Amsterdam, 1953) has lived and worked in Brussels since 1975. Teacher at St. Lukas, Brussels film & art school (LUCA). He is co-founder and executive of the Doc-Nomads international Master ( He has been an independent documentary-maker for over 35 years. All films were shown on television and festivals. He was a guest-teacher at the University of Paris8 & Strasbourg. He is a regular teacher at SKDA Hanoï, AUT & ALBA Beirut and ESTC in Lisbon. He gives workshops in Brazil, China, Russia & France.

His last film is “On the track of Robert Van Gulik” (87 min, 2016)

Program 29. 10. 2020


intro 01 Robert Rombout

method: writing for documentary


intro 02 Robert Rombout with excerpts

method: directing documentary

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minimum 100 % participation



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This course is an elective for all AMU students

Schedule for winter semester 2020/2021:

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29.10.2020 09:30–17:30 Alice RŮŽIČKOVÁ
online in english parallel1

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