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303MSKOM Z 1 8S Czech

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Alice RŮŽIČKOVÁ, Pavel Štingl

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Enable students to take par in important social discussions on the quality of the public media dialog of the 30 years since the fall of censorship; not only as passive viewers but they become its active co-creators.

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Prerequisites and co-requisites

Only for students who know how to work with a camera and/or live editing.

Course contents

The exhibition and communications project Communication '89 or State Coup without the Internet organized by the Silence Memorial of the Bubny Train Station from 11.10 to 30.11.2019 is a call for fortifying media education. It will show how the coup d'état in time without internet and social networks was communicated. The Exposition moves from Samizdat to the fall of censorship in television broadcast from Letna Park on the 25th of November, 1989. A rich accompanying program debates how we used the chance for cultivating public communications in the free world. The exhibitory symbol of the fragility of memory have been unknown photos from the archives of Jaroslava Krejčí, whose negatives observed the flood of the magic of the undesired.

Director Pavel Štingl and his team are preparing for the anniversary of the 17th of November, 1989 with a number of events which are to initiate public discussion about how we have used the chance at freedon in the last 30 years.

In the multi-media exhibition of archive photos from the Velvet Revolution and subsequent historical events, which will be installed in wood huts in the middle of Letna Park, 7 disucssions will take place with important guests (Jacques Rupnik, Martin Stránský, Karel Hvížďala, Jan Urban, Pavel Kohout, Petra Procházková, Michal Kocáb, Petr Blažek, Michal Žantovský, Petr Pithart, Magda Vašáryová, Lída Rakušanová and others.). FAMU students are invited to assist in recording and editing this approx. 1 hour debate into a final 10 minute form.

We are looking for interested parties for the 4 member crew (2 cameramen, editor and production manager) on these dates: 14.10., 21.10., 29.10., 4.11., 11.11. and 18.11. The FAMU Dean has decided to support students who take part in this project with a grant of 400KCz for 1 hour.

This collaboration is advantageous for student who have experience with recording, working with a camera and editing (and live editing). It is open to Documentary, Photography, Editing, and Camera Depts, FAMU International, CAS and CINKK students, as well as students from other depts. who have demonstrable experience.

Interested parties may sign-up as soon as possible with producer, Antonie Dědečkové:, 736 160 260.

Recommended or required reading

More about the project at:

Assessment methods and criteria

Collaboration throughout the entire period of at least 1 recording date.


Documentary Dept. Module:

Lecturer: Pavel Štingl, Jan Rousek, Antonie Dědečková (sponsor: Alice Růžičková)

Date and time: Mon. 7.10., 14.10., 21.10., 29.10. (Tuesday), 4.11., 11.11. and 18.11.

Manner: Practice in recording and editing a debate

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This course is an elective for all students of this school

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