Art preparation of Feature Film 2

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304APF2 Z 1 12S English summer

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Production designer and his positon in the film crew, Structure of work of Production designer on the film project. Tools of production design: Space,Texture, Colors, Lights, Furniture, Props, Collaboration between designer and other members of film crew.

Student is getting general information about work of Production Designer, his position within the film crew and learn the way how Production designer collaborate with other members of film crew. He will get more understandig about work with space, colors, structures and light to create film set either from real location or on stage.

Mode of study

The course will be taught in blocks by individual areas - Film Scenography, Film Costume, Film Make-Up, Special Effects in Film

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Course contents


Katarina Štrbová Bieliková

  1. Introduction to thinking about costume, initial information on the costume creation process, cooperation of the costume designer with the director, cinematographer, set designer, make-up artist.
  2. Colour stylization, application options, dramaturgy.
  3. Character-building function of costume.
  4. The story line, transformations and development of the characters.
  5. Historical and contemporary costume, what they have in common, what is different about approach thereto
  6. Stylization, costume based on film genre.
  7. Costume in black & white film
  8. Sci-fi, fantasy, fairy tale


Make-up in film

1st Lecture

  1. An introduction to the meaning and process of creating the character of a dramatic persona using the right make-up
  2. Make-up in film: Why was make-up used with colour and B&W cinematographic film stock. Why is make-up applied today.
  3. /1. Creating the character of a dramatic persona using make-up according to the script and the director’s

idea, and the subsequent collaboration with costume designer and set designer

  1. Working with script, design, make-up and camera tests. Creating links
  2. The development and transformations of make-up according to the evolution of the character in the story, ageing etc.

4.Collaboration of the professions involved in filmmaking

2nd lecture

  1. Everyday make-up
  2. Historic make-up / fairy tale / with hair and beard accessories
  3. Stylized make-up
  4. Minor special make-up: tears, sweat, bruises, scratches
  5. SFX effects in make-up

Collaboration towards a joint art concept of a film character by the make-up artist and costume designer. Practical demonstration of making up a character. Joint work with costume.The course of a shooting day from the point of view of make-up and costume designers



Introducing basic film effects such as rain, wind, snow, fire, smoke, explosions, shots ..., explanation of individual steps, demonstration of selected effects. Expected place of the class is on set in the days of preparation for shooting, when the authentic preparation of the effect can be seen. If no job is in progress, the class would take place in the workshop in Rudná u Prahy


Recommended or required reading

Film Craft: Production Design, Fionnuala Halligan, Illex

Production Design: Architects of the Screen (Short Cuts), Jane Barnwell

Designing for Screen: Production Design and Art Direction Explained, Georgina Shorte

Assessment methods and criteria

presence and interaction during the lectures



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