Colorgrading Workshop 1

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304ECOG1 Z 2 2T English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Independent coursework — grading of the Anticorro exercise.

Mode of study

Theoretical lectures combined with immediate practical demonstrations on various sample data from a variety of sources — negative scans, RED RAW, ProRes, XDCAM etc.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Previous knowledge of basics of colorimetry and sensitometry. Students are familiar with Adobe software such as Photoshop and FinalCut Pro and Premiere.

Course contents

Course requirements are basic knowledge of DaVinci Resolve. The course builds on knowledge and skill acquired in Basics of DaVinci Resolve. Independent coursework — grading of the Anticorro exercise.


1.Edit — Inspector — Transform, Cropping, Retime and Scaling

2.Operation priority

3.Copying individual nodes and node structures (grades)

4.Split screens for matching grading

5.Grading with LUTs. Grading individual clips, grading the entire timeline.

6.Tracking, stabilisation

7.Curves, (tonal, Hue vs. Hue, Hue vs. Sat., etc.)

8.Output blanking and aspect ratios

9.Creating LUTs and exporting LUTs

10.Interaction of power windows and keys, using alpha channels in nodes, alpha channel adjustments

Recommended or required reading

Up to date DaVinci User Manual

Assessment methods and criteria

100% attendance, actively taking part in classes and demonstrating all the learned colour grading techniques on ones own exercise. The student will present the working procedure, primary and secondary colour correction and correct export settings for given deliverables. Timely and neatly done colourgrading.


Credit. Presenting the finished grading and export of the Anticorro exercise to the lecturer and exercise supervisor is required to be credited.



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