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304MADK Z 1 9S Czech summer

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Original documentary film from the perspective of the cameraman. Collaboration by the cameraman and director of a documentary film.

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Meetings with documentary film creator - Olga Špátova.

The module will take place in discussions with students and film sample screenings. The artist looks forward to discussing the shot material or editing of the films with the students.

The artist wishes to present her experience in shooting documentary films she directs and took part as cameraman. The dialog will not only be about the original approach to as camera for a documentary, but also approach to people, the people shot and life itself.

Discussions over topics will not only be with the artist, but also with guest kameramen or directors invited and who have experience with documentary work, that is shooting real stories.

Olga Špátova

For her documentary films Trojhra, (Ne)cenzurovane rozhovory and Laska vcera, dnes a zitra, she has received the grand prizes at domestic festivals. She shot a concert DVD for the singer Radůza and the documentary film Půjdu, kam chci (2007) for which she nominated for an Anděl. music award. In the film Dobře placená procházka ´07 (2008) she encaptured the director Milos Forman in the production of the comic opera of Jiří Šliter at the National Theatre. She won several awards for that film including the Vojtěch Jasny Grand Prix.

She spent an entire year with Karel Gott in shooting the film The Gott Phenomenon (2009) for his 70th birthday. The documentary about the most popular Czech singer became the most viewed television film of the year. The documentary Eye over Prague (2010) covered the struggle of the world-renowned architect Jan Kaplicky about the National Library project and won the main prize at the International Film Festival in Warsaw.

The documentary essay Největší přání (2012), freely links the so-named film of her father Jan Špáta which depicts the values and dreams of the contemporary young generation, won an award at the Plzen festival Finale. The film Po tmě světlo (2013) tells of the optimism of blind persons which the Czech Radio Foundation Světluška helps. She has filmed two music videos with Aneta Langerova and has received Anděl awards for both.

The feature-length documentary film Daleko za sluncem (2015) about the health care worker Aleš Bárta, who treats the poor in Kenya villages was an HBO television production nominated for a Czech Lion award. For Czech Television and the J&T Foundation she has shot six film stories for the Rodiče program (2017) about compensatory family care.

She has worked as a cameraman on thirteen films of the director Olga Sommerova including the film Vera 68 about the gymnast Věra Čáslavska, the film, Magický hlas rebelky about the singer Marta Kubišova and the film Červená about the opera singer Sonia Červena.

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100% participation


Meetings take place 9:00 - 12:00 on these dates at the Camera Dept. (room 230):

  1. Friday 6.3.
  2. Friday 13.3
  3. Friday 20.3

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