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The course aim is the adoption of basic knowledge of copyright and related rights for their use in an overall orientation in the issues of legal relationships arising from audio-visual creations and practical application in audio-visual studies, primarily in the production and use of audio-visual works.

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Prerequisites and co-requisites

Basic knowledge of Civil law.

Course contents

  1. Concept, basis, taxonomy and development of intellectual property rights. Development of copyright legislature and rights related to copyright in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. The consitutional basis of intellectual rights and principles of proportionality in constitutional rights.
  2. Original works: the subject of copyright. So called „administrative“ and „non-original“ work. Definitive markings and types of copyright.
  3. The creator: the copyright subject, co-authorship, aggregate works, Anonym and pseudonym. Statutory assumption authorship. Rise of copyright, publishing and publication of a work. Formal reservations O.
  4. Copyright content I: Subjective rights of the person. Relation to general personal rights in the civil code. So called „post-mortem“ protection.
  5. Copyright content II. Subjective property rights. Types of original work use.
  6. Copyright content III. Subjective property rights. other subjective property rights. Rights to compensation in relation to the propagation of a work for personal use.
  7. Duration of copyright property, inheritance. Public domain. Rights of a publisher of a not heretofore published public domain work as rights related to copyright.
  8. Copyright limits: free use, legal license.

9.Protection and infringement of copyright. Private and public legal means of protection. The concurrence of protection according to various legal regulations.

  1. Rights of obligation I: licence contracts in general. Contract withdrawl.
  2. Rights of obligation II: publication licence contracts. Licence to the production of an audiovisual work. Sublicence contracts. Cession of licence. Licensing contracts with international elements.
  3. Special legislation of some types of copyright: employee work, collective works, school work, works contracted works and competition works, computer programs.
  4. Particular legislation of audiovisual works and works for audiovisual use.

Recommended or required reading

Autorské právo a práva související - Jiří Srstka a kol., 2017

Assessment methods and criteria

The requirement for grading is the passing of the exam and at least 75% lecture attendance.

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This course is an elective for all AMU students

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Tue 13:10–14:45 Jiří ŠTAIDL Room No. 334
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