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305AP2 ZK 3 2T Czech summer

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Introduction to the content and use of copyright.

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Copyright 1

Course contents

  1. Performing artist rights
  2. Other rights related to copyright: sound recording production rights, audio-visual recording production rights, radio and television broadcast rights, publishing rights.
  3. General and group rights management of copyright and rights related to copyrights in the Czech Republic - foundations, aims, legislation and overview of collective management.
  4. OSA - Copyright protection association for rights to a work of music with or without lyrics. Collective management in copyrights to a work of music and publishing.
  5. INTERGRAM - Group management in performing artist rights and sound production, respectively the audio-visual recording. The professional association of performing artists and sound producers respectively audio-visual recording.
  6. DILIA - collective management in the literary area of an audio-visual or audiovisually used work.
  7. Copyright in audio-visual works from the viewpoint of the development of legislation in the Czech Republic. Who bears the rights to a film produced in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic up to 1945, between 1945 and 1964, 1965 and 1991, etc?
  8. International agreements and organizations in the area of copyright and rights thereby related. (Bern Agreement, WIPO, General Agreement on Copyrights, The Rome Agreement, and others). Copyright in European Community rights - ES council directives. Ascension of the Czech Republic to the European community and harmonization of legislation.

Grading requirement is successful performance in an oral exam (in Copyright I.) and at least 75% attendance at lectures.

Recommended or required reading

Petr Ostrouchov: Autorské právo; AMU 2005

Jan Kříž, Irena Holcová, Jiří Kordač, Veronika Křesťanová: Autorský zákon a předpisy souvisící, 1. vydání, Linde 2001; 2. vydání, Linde 2004

Zákon č.121/2000 Sb., autorský zákon

Ivo Telec: Přehled práva duševního vlastnictví, díl 1. (lidskoprávní základy, licenční smlouva), 1. vydání; Nadkladatelství Doplněk, 2002

Internetové adresy kolektivních správců:;;

Assessment methods and criteria

Completion conditions are the successfull completion of the oral exam (in Copyright Law I) and at least 75% attendance in lecture.


Instruction begins 21.3.2017

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