Film Marketing 2

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305FM2 Z 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course aim is to provide students with a good bearing in the issues of contemporary film marketing and enable them to consider the potential available for promoting a film work, from development to cinema premier.

Mode of study

Discussion, working with writings, examples from printed materials, webpages and trailers, guest lectures.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of bachelor's study.

Course contents

An interactive lecture focused on successful film marketing strategies in each important aspect of production and promotion. Domestic and international marketing and distribution, use of case-studies of independent production and distribution companies.

1.Film and Marketing: What is it and why is it important? An overview of various types of film marketing, focus and goal of film marketing, target groups.

  1. Marketing and production stage: Marketing particulars in pre-production and development, production, post-production and introduction into cinemas.

3.Evaluation of the creative package - film packaging. Synopsis, treatment, log line.

  1. Marketing materials. Trailer. Teaser.
  2. Viral marketing
  3. Pitching - the art of presentation
  4. Markets: International film markets, their divisions and particulars, festivals and festival strategies.
  5. Festivals. International film festivals and festival strategies
  6. Particulars of European Distribution - differences between the American and European markets, cinema distribution vs. other forms of distribution, VOD platforms
  7. International commercial environments
  8. Sales agents and the particulars and types of sales, types of contracts, company divisions, collaboration with the producer.
  9. The contemporary situation of European film distribution. The Czech Film Center and its role in promoting Czech film.

Recommended or required reading

Assessment methods and criteria

The lecture is intended for master's students. Lecture will be graded at the end of the semester with credit. Students must submit a final semester paper - project proposal for the marketing strategy for a film project from development through final work and its distribution through festivals, film markets and sales.

Further information

This course is an elective for all AMU students

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room 330
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Tue 09:50–11:25 Marta ŠVECOVÁ
Room No. 330
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