Business Relationships in the Film Distribution 1

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The lectures aim is to provide student with knowledge enabling indpendent negotiations of licensing and distribution contracts and a good bearing in those.

Mode of study

Study and analysis of assigned texts, moderated and non-moderated discussions, lectures, presentation of instructor experience.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Successfull completion of „Audiovisual Distribution I and II.“

Course contents

The producer and commercial licensing rights as a part of film finance. Business negotiations and legal aspects of concluding license and distribution contracts. Bearing in international terminology which is used in negotiating and concluding contracts.

  1. Licensing rights - one of the key activities of the producer
  2. Basic legal foundations
  3. Business negotiations and creating business agreements
  4. Basic concepts used in internation film business
  5. Example IFTA contracts and other types of contractual agreements
  6. Structure of distribution contracts
  7. Basic definition of the content of distribution contracts.
  8. Production finance and its distribution - pre-sales
  9. Business requirements of distribution contracts.
  10. Particulars of distribution contracts with domestic distributors
  11. Sample distribution contracts in the Czech Republic
  12. General contract conditions between the distributor and cinema operator.
  13. Sample contracts between the distributor and Czech Republic cinema operators.

Recommended or required reading

Ivo Telec - Autorský zákon - komentář C.H. Beck 1997

Filip Bobiňski - Financování a distribuce filmu - diplomová práce

IFTA Multiple Right Deal Memo - dodáno pedagogem při přednášce

IFTA Definition and Standard Terms - dodáno pedagogem při přednášce

General business conditions - given by the instructor at the lecture

Sample licensing, distribution agreements -given by the instructor at the lecture

Sample contract between the distributor and cinema operator - given by the instructor at the lecture.

Assessment methods and criteria

A demonstration of a good bearing in the study by completing the final oral exam

Further information

This course is an elective for all AMU students

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Tue 18:10–19:45 Aleš DANIELIS Room No. 329
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